What is OPG?
OPG stands for Orthopantomography. It is a special method for obtaining radiographs of the teeth-bearing jaws, both upper and lower.

How is it different from regular X-ray machines?
A regular X-ray machine cannot take detailed pictures of the jaw bones. An OPG machine is specially constructed so that it rotates around the jaw bones, thus giving us an extremely good idea about the structure of the jaw bones. Yes, X-rays are used, but the method is totally different.

In what situations are they needed?
OPG X-rays are usually asked for by the dentists, whether they are general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons or prosthodontists/ implantologists. Because OPGs give a holistic view of the teeth and the adjacent bones, they are useful in a wide variety of conditions including infections, tumors, congenital abnormalities, pre-implant evaluation and trauma.

Are there any risks?
Just as with X-rays elsewhere in the body, if a lady thinks she might be pregnant, an OPG can be avoided. No other risks exist.

Is any dye injected?

What is its use?
Oral surgeons, orthodontists and prosthodontists need cephalograms prior to planning surgeries and teeth manipulation.

How much time does it take?
On an average, 20 minutes.

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