5D Ultra Sound

2D is basically an axial image, and 3D is volume, and 4D is volume with time, and really for us, the fifth dimension is how do you bring a level of workflow into ultrasound? And it is basically bordering on the sense of automation,” Doug Ryan, group vice president for Samsung Health and Medical Equipment, told Diagnostic Imaging. “The whole concept of 5D is workflow.

5D technology is a form of automation where you go through and do a scan and you get the results autopopulated for you,” Ryan said.

We take a more complex exam and provide assistance in getting that exam done or find a way to semi-automate that exam, which improves workflow dramatically. The other big advantage is that once we start doing standardization on how we do measurements and how we search through a volume to find data, you’re eventually going to improve consistency,” Ryan said. “Now we have to do more evidence-based outcome trials to prove that but the logical conclusion is you’re going to get greater consistency.

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